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The DARK DOG trademark was created in Austria in 1995. The final concept was approved and launched in 2000. The product successfully entered the Latin America market in 2003, and today DARK DOG is a leading and top-recognized brand worldwide, in countries like Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Sweden, Austria, France, etc. DARK DOG is one of the best energy drinks and distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The company focuses on research and development, seeking to continuously improve its original products, whilst also developing new exciting recipes in order to offer the best energy drink experience to the consumer.

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Spearheading the energy drink industry in Austria since the early ‘90s and launching Dark Dog in 1995, a very successful brand that has been recognized worldwide for over two decades. The founder of Dark Dog organic believes that greatness has no limits, and is always seeking perfection.


Quality is key for Dark Dog Organic. For this reason, the development of a certified organic energy drink began.


You asked we listened; Consumer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. After many years of research, we continued to strive and improve. Finalizing the product development and being Non-GMO verified, USDA certified organic.


With love for a healthy lifestyle, exploring the world, and always searching for the best that life has to offer, it was no surprise that Dark Dog Organic began to emerge.


Launched a test program for a certified organic energy drink, really paying attention to what the consumers’ needs are. We wanted to create the perfect energy drink, that not only is tasty but is also good for you. Clean and fresh.


The biggest bliss was to create a great-tasting product, accompanied by the best energy that you can’t go a day without drinking! With the highest standard quality ingredients from all over the world, made in France and affordable to all.

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Dark Dog Organic is concerned about our future and believes that by reducing our carbon footprint we can make a difference in this world.

We are committed to ensuring that as a company we take care of our planet. We believe that today is the perfect day to start making changes, and it is our core value to do our part in every possible way to further that change.

Our responsibility is to use organic products which typically require less energy to produce. Our ingredients are hand-picked in season from around the world, this aids in the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Dark Dog Organic contributes to leaving a cleaner carbon footprint by planting trees.  A mature tree can consume 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. This effort helps produce a cleaner healthier climate and fights climate change.


Since 1995, Dark Dog the Energy Drink Company has been working hard to meet the demands of our health-conscious consumers in an energy-efficient way and will continue to strive for excellence. 

Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink has gone above and beyond meeting the ever-increasing demands of health-conscious consumers who are looking for the most beneficial, stimulating and tastiest energy drink. With the highest quality organic certified ingredients from around the world. Made in France.



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MBPSPORTS was founded by Mr. Christopher Mullins whose vision is to facilitate Public-Private Partnerships in each country that can link people via sports, education and cultures. In Singapore, Chris manages Marina Tennis Center which sits on the roof of Marina Square Shopping Mall, located beside luxury hotel brands such as Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental and Pan Pacific, as well as along the world-famous Formula One race track. 

Dark Dog Energy is excited to be partnering with Chris on educating the public on healthy sports beverage options for atheletes. 

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