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Bungee jumping in the US according to Dark Dog Organic

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

First, let’s start with the following question: Is bungee jumping allowed in the US?

Well, the truth is, many states have banned bungee jumping, but don’t worry, there are still some states that allow it. Although if you are going to bungee jump, we highly recommend that you look for a recognized company for your safety.

Why do bungee jumpers continue this sport even though it has been banned in many states? The answer is easy, it is all about that adrenaline rush! What does it mean? Well, we need to look at science and how our brain works to truly understand. See, when we decide to embark on an activity such as bungee jumping, what we are seeking is that rush we get. Our heart starts pumping fast, blood pressure increases, the air passage of the lungs expands, even our pupils get enlarged. It is a physical feeling of intense excitement, and stimulation caused by the release of adrenaline from the adrenal gland. So actually, your body is responding to the fear that is provoked by the feeling of stress. Why do we seek that feeling of stress? Because it releases dopamine into our nervous system. This kind of rush is not for everyone, but for the person who is always seeking the rush, bungee jumping is a way to get that high.

Let’s look at our top 3 choices:

1. Redwood Forest Trees by Bungee Adventures in Humboldt California, not only do you get to jump between two giant trees approximately 200 Ft tall, but you also need to do more work besides just jumping. Your skills and conditioning must be at its peak since you need to climb the trees yourself and also tight your rope until finally jump off the tree. If that is not an adrenaline high, then I don’t know what is. Can you imagine having to climb a tree before jumping? Just thinking about it I’m starting to get an adrenaline rush. Not to mention the beautiful surroundings of the protected forest you will be jumping from, located along the Northern California coast.

2. High Steel Bridge by Bungee expeditions in Shelton, Washington.

Placing this bridge among the top twenty highest bridges in the United States, above the Skokomish River’s South Fork, makes it a magnificent location for bungee jumping. Can you imagine the view from this 685 Ft high steel bridge, how you must feel jumping off of it? Surrounded by pines and the Skokomish River at your feet, the feeling of freedom has to be one of the best adrenaline rushes you will ever feel.

3. Navajo Bridge by Bungee expeditions, the best time to visit this location, September.

The Navajo pedestrian bridge stretches over the Marble Canyon, and at the bottom is the Colorado River. With the view of the Grand Canyon surrounding you, there is no mistake in calling this, one of the top three locations to bungee jumps off. The bridge is approximately 465 feet high, even though it is not the highest location, it is an impressive view from the bridge. Even Will Smith, when he decided to cross off bungee jumping from his bucket list, chose to bungee jump of a helicopter 1,000 feet into the Grand Canyon to fulfill his dream. I would consider this location to be one of the top locations for bungee jumping around the world.

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